Peru Mission

The primary focus of CPC’s involvement in the Church’s world-wide mission is exercised in partnership with Peru Mission. Peru Mission co-labors with the Holy Spirit in the major cities of Northern Peru, establishing Christian communities that are molded, shaped, and propelled by the Gospel. Through pastoral ministry, relief work, leadership training, university ministry, parish day-schools, and economic development, the Lord is building strong, vibrant parish churches that are not only becoming self-sustaining and self-propagating, but also actively involved in bringing God’s justice, mercy, and peace to the world around them.

For nine years now various members of CPC have traveled to Peru to participate in short term mission projects ranging from construction projects, to conducting parish Bible school activities for children, to teaching English, to conducting theological seminars for seminary students, local church elders, and congregations. A number of our college age students have done internships with Peru Mission for periods of three to six months. Opportunities for ministry and service with Peru Mission are virtually endless depending on one’s interests, skills and availability.

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