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Partnering to advance Bible translation for Bibleless people groups through Bible translation & computer technology


Eric and his wife, Allison, are members of Colleyville Presbyterian Church, PCA, commissioned to serve the Bibleless peoples of the world with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Their next assignment, based in Musoma, Tanzania, will be to assist getting the Bible translated into nine different Bantu languages. The region including these nine different languages, called the Mara Region, is the most densely populated area of Tanzania with the fewest churches. (For more information on the Mara region, see http://www.TheTask.net/Mara.)

Eric will assist Mother tongue translators in the use of FieldWorks software for Bible translation and language development. He will use their feedback to help him improve the usefulness of the software. Eric has worked with the Language Software Development team at the International Linguistics Center in Dallas for five years. He has contributed to the development of FieldWorks Language Explorer (FLEx) which assists grammar analysis and the efficient development of dictionaries. Eric has a B.S. in Computer Engineering and a Master’s of Arts in Religion from Westminster Theological Seminary.

Allison will assist Mother tongue translators in Bible translation and linguistics. Allison has an MA in Applied Linguistics with a concentration in Bible Translation from the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics and BA in Spanish and Psychology from Oklahoma Baptist University.

6,909 languages

spoken in the world
(Ethnologue 16th Edition. 2008. http://www.ethnologue.com)
At the current rate of new Bible translation projects, work will have begun in each language where there is a need by the year 2041. The average rate of documented new starts over the past 9 years is 71 languages per year. (Source: Researched by SIL International, reported by Wycliffe International.)

globe2,393* languages

with probable need of Bible translation

* representing 200 million people estimated by the data currently available.

Thanks, Eric, for the work you do. You are contributing to the greatest acceleration
of the pace of Bible translation ever witnessed by the Church. Vision 2025 is possible!
–Bob Creson, President Wycliffe Bible Translators USA

If you are interested in partnering with Eric & Allison by praying or giving financially to reach the nations with God’s Word, please visit their ministry webpage for more information.

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